DecoFun Ribbon Bow Maker Testimonials
Read what happy DecoFun customers are saying....

From Gloria B, Ohio:

Got my new DecoFun Fun Bow maker and am so happy with it,their ribbon is absolutely gorgeous and love the lace ribbon can't wait to add it to my bows,will be posting pictures as soon as projects get finished ...The bow maker is the easiest I have ever used and I had 2 before this..

From Kathryn H, California:

I received ribbons and beautiful laces and quality is superb!

From Wendy Keenan, Just Add Glue & LollyDollyCrafts:

I am so loving my DecoFun Bowmaker they are an approved seller of Just Add Glue so do check them out,

From Robin L, New Canaan Artisans Group:

The DecoFun bow maker is one of those inventions you wish you'd come up with yourself.
In just a few minutes, following the written instructions, I was able to construct beautiful bows.
I'm planning to put the DecoFun to make party favor bows for my son's rehearsal dinner.
Combine ribbons of different widths, lengths, colors and textures to create unique decorative bows to dress up your gifts packages.
Or if you need many of the same bow, create a prototype and then easily replicate...all your bows will look the same.
Also I look forward to putting the DecoFun to good use this holiday season making bows for my Christmas wreaths.

From Diane M, Florida:

I just received my fabulous DecoFun Bowmaker! You can count on every present I give from now on having amazing bows! Thank you so much!
— feeling excited.

From Veroni M, New Jersey:

love the decofun bow maker. so easy to make stunning bows. Thanks for sharing and showing us to make these different bows. I love the new trim .

From Louise H, Connecticut:

I love my DecoFun Bowmaker. I'm having so much fun with it. I got so many compliments on my bows at my daughter's baby shower!
I'll be using my bow maker again very soon for the next birthday gift I wrap. Can't wait!

From Rev. Donna G, Florida:

I am so happy with my DecoFun Bow Maker, I ordered one as a gift for my daughter!

From Lin T, Bromley, U.K.:

Love love love my DecoFun bow maker! Xx

From Candy P, New York:

Got mine. Absolutely love it. Made 5 bows in less than 5 minutes. I couldn't make a good bow to save my life! Decofunbowmaker makes it sooo easy.
Now all my packages will have beautiful bows on them along with my fabric books. Thanks so much for making my crafting life easier.
Thanks to your "Ambassador " Michelle Pipeling too. Hugs Candy

From Jeretta B.:

I sure love my bow maker, I like it mostly to make lace bows.

From Katrina O., Tasmania, Australia:

Love my DecoFun bow maker...having so much fun with it so easy xx